Powerful reports to help you make informed business decisions.

With the click of a button, ExakTime can create over 40 robust reports that can be filtered and customized, so you’ll always have the knowledge to make informed business decisions on the go.

Whether you want instant access to reporting by Employee, Location, or Overtime—our award-winning solution will provide you with the actionable insights you need to push your business forward.

Get Actionable Insights from Time Card Tracking Reports

Employee Executive Summary

Get a digestible, high level overview to keep you up-to-speed on all your job sites. With Employee Executive Summary reports, you can easily view hours worked by employee or view crew totals for each day of the week.


Employee Time Card

Optimize your bottom line with Employee Time Card reports. Monitor workers’ Regular and OT hours for each of your sites—making it easy to know where to cut costs and sharpen margins.


Employee Touch Detail

Quickly view details of an employee’s start and stop times as well as the type of work completed with Employee Touch Detail. In a glance, you’ll be able to see which employees worked on what tasks throughout the week—keeping your company proactive and productive.


Location by Employee

Running multiple job sites all at once? With Location by Employee reports, you can get a fast download of the total hours worked by employee at specific locations—making workforce management that much simpler.


Employees by Location

Trying to zero in on where a specific employee spent their working hours? Employees by Location gives you a breakdown of how much time crew members spent at each of your job sites.


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