Web Based Employee Time Clock Software

Web Based Employee Time Clock Software

Get more efficient. Get digital time tracking.

Make your business smarter and more efficient today with web-based time tracking and scheduling that defines and captures remote workers’ accurate clock-in and out times, and much more—so you can manage labor costs in real time.

Track workers anywhere with our mobile app or rugged clocks and manage it all in one place. Our user-friendly software is cloud-based, so the password-protected data can be accessed from any computer and synced with any payroll program.

Review missed punches from yesterday or overtime from last week for better labor control. Edit time cards in bulk, schedule workers and crews, and assign employees to managers so they see only what’s theirs to manage.

Our web-based time clock software provides sensible answers to labor management challenges for businesses of all sizes, guaranteed.

Track the way you like.

All devices send data to the cloud for real-time access from anywhere.

Powerful App

Simple to use, incredibly powerful to the success of your business: that’s ExakTime’s mobile time clock app. Employees clock in for themselves or supervisors can track a whole crew. GPS tracking, employee time card review with signature, and ExakTime forms ensure easier management.


Toughest clocks on the planet

Our rugged, wireless job clocks let workers in the field clock in and out easily with keytabs in any weather. Our Internet-connected hardware runs on long-lasting batteries so the clocks are always ready to track, for reduced payroll costs and more on-time employees.


Ready to see more?

“We saved $75,000 on time card fraud in the first 12 months.”

Advantage Flooring
Hanover, MD
200 employees

Managing labor costs was never easier.

As workers’ time is tracked, it’s synced with our user-friendly time clock software and organized for easy viewing.

Your admins, PMs, owners and anyone else with permission can log in and view time records and activities by employee or location. ExakTime lets you view all GPS time punches on a map, edit time cards in bulk, set up policies, shifts, and more.

Finally, our employee time clock software lets you create great reports with the click of a button for better insights into your labor costs—and it’s automatically updated with the newest features, so you don’t have to worry about having the latest and greatest we have to offer.


Schedule and track time together in one streamlined system.

Say goodbye to paper schedules and Excel spreadsheets. Now with our integrated Schedules module, you can schedule and edit single or recurring shifts for individuals or crews directly in our cloud-based software.

Configure and send alerts to employees and managers. Reduce confusion with Clock In to Schedules, which enables workers to clock in to scheduled shifts with a single click. Maximize workforce productivity with scheduling and monitor it all with our instant reports—including differences between hours scheduled and hours worked.

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See how well your business is running an instant.


Get the business insights you need from ExakTime’s automatic reports. Simply click a button to produce and download 40+ reports by Employee, Location, Overtime hours and much more.


We help you process payroll without the headache.


Payroll processing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming headache. ExakTime’s accurate hours are easily synced from our cloud software to over 90 payroll programs—including yours.


We make sure you pay them correctly, and can prove it.


Accurate time records—as well as mobile form responses regarding lunch and breaks—remain safe in our secure cloud, so you can easily refer back to avoid disputes or prove compliance.