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ExakTime Connect

Manage your workforce from anywhere.

ExakTime Connect

Complete web-based time tracking software.

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ExakTime’s web time clock software controls labor expenses, simplifies time tracking, and helps you stay compliant with labor laws.

All clocks sync with the cloud

ExakTime is the only workforce management solution that offers three different ways to track employee time: a time clock app and our two wireless and rugged clocks for tough outdoor job sites.

All three send hours and other data such as GPS timestamps to our software in the cloud, ExakTime Connect, for secure access from anywhere. You can even have employees approve time cards online, easing the process and avoiding disputes.

Always up-to-date, easy payroll syncing

Time tracking software maintenance and updates are automatic (no IT hassles). We’ve got you covered just in case, though: ExakTime users receive unlimited access to our friendly, on-site U.S.-based support team.

Our cloud software syncs easily with your payroll program, delivering the time-savings you need to stay ahead of the game.

You’ll always get the best of our cloud-based time tracking software. Time tracking software maintenance and updates are automatic (no IT hassles).
We’ve got you covered just in case. ExakTime users receive unlimited access to our friendly, on-site U.S.-based support team.

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Holland Mason, Coast Landscaping

“Honest, accurate records get synced back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason, Owner
Coast Landscaping


Web-based Access Anytime

Crucial data collected in the field or the office in real time—from hours to job costing and more—can be reviewed and edited on any device with Internet access. Add, edit or approve time at your desk or on the go.

Desktop Clock-In

Now your whole team can clock in and out and track cost codes on a phone, tablet or PC. Our familiar green and red buttons make clocking in and out or quickly switching job costs intuitive and easy.

Managers’ Dashboard

For management, employee time and attendance data and job site information is available instantly. Everything from Field Notes that require your immediate attention down to the weather details at a specific site is just a click away.

GPS & Geofences

GPS-enabled time punches ensure your employees are in the right location at the right time. Each punch appears on a map with its exact GPS location, and displays as a warning on an employee’s time card if they punch in or out beyond the specified geofence.

Time Card Approvals

Get sign-off on time cards from employees, supervisors and payroll managers to avoid disputes down the road and stay compliant. Limited access for employees, bulk time card approvals and email alerts are all easy to set up in ExakTime Connect.

Role-based Permissions

Employee self-service and executive oversight: shake hands. Our time clock software provides default access levels that can be modified or completely customized for workers, supervisors.

Powerful Reports

More than 20 powerful reports with customizable formatting and filters allow you to view the information you need—by date, pay period, employees, locations, cost codes and more—so you can get the 10 or 10,000-foot view you need in mere seconds.

View Sets

Group employees or cost codes according to department or team—no more sifting through irrelevant data to see trends or catch issues. View sets can reflect an organizational hierarchy or a project-based reporting structure to suit your company's needs.

Mobile Forms

Stay compliant, and avoid messy paperwork! Employees answer simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about breaks or injuries on the job as they clock out on our mobile app. You can even require a signature, and all data is stored in ExakTime Connect.

Payroll Integration

With 100% accurate time and attendance data on the cloud, payroll can be started early to resolve issues as they arise. Hassle-free hours and job costing data is easily transferred to your existing accounting program, eliminating double data entry.

Compliance Made Simple

Now monitoring employees’ breaks and lunch times to ensure they are in accordance with local, state, federal and company policies is a breeze. Overtime, double time, time rounding and shift rounding can be calculated automatically per company policy.

Quick ROI, Complete Scalability

Our time clock software is scalable as your company grows—there is no limit on how many users can log in and review critical workforce management data. There are also no software updates, no additional IT personnel, and no costly server investments.

Safe & Secure

A cutting-edge data center hosted in the cloud provides maximum security to safeguard your new and historical information, with automatic data backup.

ExakTime guarantees your satisfaction on all purchases or your money back. Read more.

Who Benefits?

Employees web based time clock software


No more paper time cards or paycheck surprises. Employees with permission can review time sheets in progress.



Filling out time sheets for crews is history. Check on workers, crews and job sites from anywhere.

Executive Management Supervisors

Executive Management

Business owners, CEOs, managers and controllers receive exclusive access to key data on their workforce—including powerful reports—for strategic decision-making.

Payroll Department

Payroll Department

Hours and job costs are available on any web browser and can be transferred easily to your accounting program for seamless processing.

Project Managers Project Managers

Project Managers

All the latest data in the cloud makes oversight, project budgeting and safety assurance possible anytime, on any device.

Penny Jochimsen, Human Resource Director, Boone Brothers Roofing

“Payroll takes me about 25% of the time it used to.”

Penny Jochimsen, Human Resource Director
Boone Brothers Roofing

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