Equipment Tracking

ExakTime Connect Feature

Whether you rent or buy it, equipment is expensive, and it pays to know how much it’s being used. Need to know from the office whether a piece of equipment is in use right now? Or how much it was utilized last week, and by whom?

Bulldozers, scaffolding, concrete cutters, and pavers can now be tracked in ExakTime’s SaaS time tracking software. Equipment, machinery, tools—you name it and you track it.

Track equipment, gain insights

Equipment tracking is a new feature that is controlled through ExakTime’s cloud-based software. Add equipment with photos if you wish, and the level of detail your desire—no more, no less.

Workers can clock in on more than one equipment type, or multiple workers can clock in on the same piece of equipment. Get great insights by running instant reports on equipment usage.


  • Users select equipment by name and serial number at clock-in
  • If finished with equipment before end of day, users clock out and back in without it
  • Name your equipment and assign it to a Type, Group or Category
  • Custom fields let you label equipment as “Own” or “Rent” for accounting purposes
  • Run reports on Equipment by Employee, Equipment by Location, and more

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