Mobile Time Cards

ExakTime Mobile Feature

ExakTime gives you accurate labor tracking that eliminates the hassles of paper time cards—and lets you view employee hours in real time. These days, workers also want visibility on their digital timesheet as the week progresses.

ExakTime has answered this with Time Card on Mobile. Once an ExakTime Mobile app user is clocked in, they simply tap on the “Time Card” tab at the top of the app’s screen to see a breakdown of daily Regular or Overtime hours for the current work week before approving with a tap or signature.

It's a Win-Win

Employees say because they can monitor their total hours as the week progresses, and compare their digital timesheet to their paycheck.

Supervisors and payroll managers say because they don’t have to field endless time card or payroll questions!

Weekly time card view for week in progress

Expanded day view

Weekly view with Overtime hours


  • Users can view time cards for up to 5 prior work weeks
  • OT 1 and 2 are calculated daily or weekly, depending on your policy settings
  • Start of week is based on your work-week policy in our web-based software
  • Those with “Clock for” permission can view others’ time cards on mobile
  • Workers can approve time cards from completed payroll periods with ‘Approve’ tap or signature

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