Shifts & Expenses

ExakTime Connect Feature

ExakTime’s Shifts and Expenses features solve your expense reporting and payroll accuracy issues.

Apply policies by shifts

With Shift Policies, it’s easier than ever for employers to apply policies such as overtime and double overtime based on the time of day employees work. By applying policies and pay codes to specific days and shifts, you can ensure accurate payroll every time.

Our Shifts feature is ideal for companies with:

  • Days divided up into set time periods and/or
  • Distinct groups of workers assigned to those set periods

Easily track employee expenses

Our Expense feature simplifies expense tracking and reporting by allowing individuals with permission to manage expenses in our cloud software.

Expense Details consists of an employee list and related expenses—like fuel for company travel, or meals—for a selected date range.

  • Employees can submit expenses through our mobile app
  • Expenses can be added, edited or deleted in our software by those with permission
  • Expenses can also be categorized by expense types
  • Expense reporting is available by Employee and Location

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