What is Mobile Time Tracking?

What is Mobile Time Tracking?

Mobile time tracking means tracking workers’ time on the go with a mobile clock-in app. With the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets, there is obviously more than one employee time clock app to choose from. The best feature an easy-to-use design that can:

  • track hours & activities of roaming employees who work alone
  • track small crews that change location throughout the day
  • get field sign-off from employees on work safety, breaks or overtime
  • help you manage large crews or multiple job sites

Accurate, reliable time and attendance tracking of your remote workforce that replaces paper time cards—the central benefit of a time clock app for employees—is guaranteed to save you significant amounts of time and money.

An Employee Time Clock App Helps You Manage Remote Workers

Buddy Punching

Time tracking apps help you manage remote workers with precision. For example, you want confirmation that they are where they should be when they clock in. A time clock app with GPS capabilities takes care of this by revealing a user’s location at clock-in and clock-out.

“Buddy punching”, which is all too easy with old-fashioned time cards, is possible even with a time sheet app that only requires a PIN number, as co-workers can share these and cover for each other if someone’s running late. A biometrics system that uses photos to verify identification puts concerns about buddy-punching to rest for good.

Maybe a supervisor manages all timekeeping at your remote location, but this too is open to human error when they have to rely on memory. A well-designed time tracking app makes it just as easy to track a whole crew as it is for individuals to punch in and out, so time is tracked as it’s happening.

Get Instant Field Updates with Cloud-Based Time Tracking

A cloud-based time tracking system allows management and owners to review data from the field on a permission basis almost as soon as it is created, including clock-ins, cost codes, GPS coordinates and even Field Notes.

Supervisor using ExakTime Mobile

Keeping up with important incidents or changes at job sites—whether or not they were caused by your employees—is crucial. Using the multimedia capabilities on your smartphone and tablet, apps provide a format for sending updates on site conditions via photo, voice, and text. The ability to attach these updates to an employee or job site in a cloud-based system—and access them in real time, as they come in—makes for easy reference now or later.

Mobile Forms Allow Employee Sign-Off In the Field

Mobile forms on iPhone

Many mobile time tracking solutions also incorporate “mobile forms”, which presents to employees on the screen text confirming they weren’t injured at work that day, that they took a lunch and received the proper amount of breaks, or that they didn’t work overtime, for example—and includes an answer choice and a field for the employee’s signature.

Some time clock apps provide boilerplate mobile forms while others let employers provide their own text. Finally, the most helpful apps let you review information gathered from mobile forms over time in a report format.

As contractors, ExakTime’s founders have a deep understanding of construction’s pain points. Their first-hand experience went into the development of ExakTime Mobile, a time tracking app built for outdoor, rugged and mobile industries such as construction and landscape.

In addition to powerful features such as photo biometrics, GPS location verification, and more, ExakTime Mobile also offers an ultra-easy user interface and total scalability for a workforce or crew of any size. Plus, it automatically syncs with our web-based time tracking software in the cloud, so that an owner or manager can review and manage time tracking data and informative reports at a glance, on any device with a web browser. Forget to check on overtime before you left the office? You can do it when you get home and then shift workers or crews as need be. This flexibility takes much of the frenzy and stress out of managing a mobile workforce.

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