Most common worker adoption questions and answers

Both employees and owners have understandable concerns about their privacy, time and smartphone usage with a digital time tracking solution. Here are our best answers to the most common questions.

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We have a data sheet available showing how little data is used (you can find the sheet linked from our blog article “We DON’T know where you were last night”). If you watch one cat video on the internet, you’ve consumed more data than our app does all month.

There are many login options if employees do not have or want to use their personal smartphones.
These include: logging in with someone else’s phone, a shared device, or a computer; or your supervisor can clock you in and out. In the ExakTime office, we have tablets mounted to the wall for our employees to clock in and out. This solution works great!

Even when using our Geotrakker feature, our app stops tracking workers’ locations once they’re clocked out. Of course, if Geotrakker is not in use then they are not being tracked.
Read this blog article to learn more: “We DON’T know where you were last night”.

Our mobile app is very efficient and will not affect battery life unless your company is using the GeoTrakker feature. Like turn-by-turn navigation apps, your device’s GPS takes extra power to run. If you need this feature on at all times while an employee is clocked in, we recommend using a car charger or backup battery to ensure the device keeps going during real-time GPS use.

Pictures provide confirmation that you were at the job site which could help you resolve disputes should any questions arise. However, this is an optional feature that your organization can choose to disable if they do not want to use it.

Pictures provide confirmation that your employees were at the work site and can help you resolve disputes. However, This is an optional feature that can be disable if needed. If the ExakTime Mobile app is not given permission to use the device’s camera, no photo prompt will occur and no photos will be taken.

You can customize ExakTime Mobile Forms with any combination of the three standard questions, including disabling all questions. Auto-lunch option makes time entry easy.
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We can put together a custom solution just for your organization!

Our app is simple and fast. Enter your code, tap Go, and you’re on the clock. At the end of the day, enter your code, tap Stop, and you’re done. It takes more steps to withdraw cash from an ATM! We also have simple quick start guides and helpful videos. Anyone can clock in with ExakTime!

We pride ourselves on ExakTime’s ease of use and customer support! We have simple quick start guides and helpful videos. We also offer full training courses to teach you and your organization how to use our software. Our support and training teams will ensure your business is up and running smoothly with the ExakTime system.

The ExakTime system is specifically designed to save you time and money. Just think of how much time you are losing every week picking up time sheets, then manually entering and processing time records. Our system is easy to use! Spend a little time learning our best practices and you’ll soon have lots more free time for more important activities.

Both business owners and workers benefit from 100% accurate time records! With photo ID and GPS verification, everyone is assured that payroll is fair and accurate. In addition, employees can review their time records and approve them before payroll is processed.

ExakTime is really just an electronic version of paper time sheets. Our system syncs records automatically and can export everything easily into your accounting system. The more you tell your employees about how it works, the more they’ll trust it, especially when that first paycheck comes out with perfect accuracy! (Besides, manually tracking time on paper is quickly becoming extinct across all industries—so they might face the same changes elsewhere.)

One key to successful onboarding of employees onto any new technology is having one or two people act as the champions of its success. Think about choosing a couple of your best (and friendliest) workers to help you teach others. Plus, we have quick start guides, in-app guides, helpful videos, and we offer professional training services either via remote web conference or live in-person.
We are here to help!

Practice, plus incentives, makes perfect! A brief learning curve is normal, and there is probably someone doing a great job with the new system who can help the rest of the crew. To encourage everyone to hop on board, offer an incentive that the whole team can benefit from! For example, why not offer pizza, donuts, or a great lunch out if the whole team uses it consistently for a week?

Our customers tell us that payroll processing time has decreased dramatically using the ExakTime system. If you feel that payroll is taking longer than anticipated, please call us so we can review your process to help you achieve similarly successful results.

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