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Spend less time tracking time.

Get your hands on an easy-to-use mobile time tracking solution so you can go build your business and stop losing money.

ExakTime Connect Cloud-Powered Workforce Management Anywhere

ExakTime Connect

Track and manage your mobile workforce.

Stay connected to your mobile workforce with the best web-based time and attendance tracking. Get accurate information from the field to lower labor costs, improve productivity and ease compliance. All data from our employee time tracking system is securely stored in the cloud for instant access from anywhere.

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Easier than you think.

Easy to Use

Clocking in is as simple as one tap.

Safe and Secure

All records are stored in the cloud for easy access.

Easy Payroll

Syncs with your accounting program for streamlined payroll.

Easy Clock-in with Photo ID Verification

With a simple tap of the screen, our powerful mobile app tracks hours, locations and activities. The worker’s front-facing camera snaps a photo at clock-in and clock-out to confirm identity.

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Track Location On Site or On The Go

Verify workers are where they should be using a GPS geofence for each location. For workers who travel, our breadcrumbing feature lets you see where they are while on the go.

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Stay Up-to-Date with Field Notes

Stay informed. Important site updates and incident reports can be captured with text, voice or photos and viewed instantly in our web-based software and are stored for quick retrieval.

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From Field to Cloud

Success Stories

“We save $50,000 a year, maybe more—and now payroll is just another little step, it’s not a weekly ordeal.”

Mike Cooper, Owner
Cooper Drywall

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Holland Mason, Coast Landscaping

“Honest, accurate records get synced back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason, Owner
Coast Landscaping

Our System

ExakTime Connect

Effective cloud-based labor tracking

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Time Clock App

Workforce management on your mobile device

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Rugged Time Clocks

Rugged time tracking, wireless data delivery

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