Energy/Natural Resources Time Tracking

Energy and natural resources jobs are complicated, and sometimes dangerous, so anything that simplifies operations and improves efficiency on the job site is welcome.

Accurate job costing — knowing when your crews were on which task — becomes critical when you have special insurance for jobs like solar panel installation or mining. Also, energy job sites are often located in remote areas, which makes day-to-day progress harder to observe.

Our cloud-based time clock software allows energy contractors the freedom to focus on safety and budget while monitoring tasks and project costs anytime, on any browser-based device. Both our ExakTime Mobile app and our rugged, wireless time clocks can collect punches while out of cellular range and transmit them when service is available.

Our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app also makes payroll a breeze (and it syncs with other payroll providers, too!).

Reduce Time Waste

Eliminate the need for workers or crew supervisors to call or text in work hours daily, or to fax or mail in time cards from remote sites.

Stay Up-to-Date

Review time punches, photo ID verification and GPS tracing in real time. Receive text, audio and photo updates on progress, materials or site incidents from the field.

Bolster Compliance

Workers can fill out paperless mobile forms to document their safety. Forms, hours and timesheets are stored digitally, ensuring easy compliance.

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