Installation Services Time Tracking

If you sell appliances or other products that require installing, you probably offer installation services — which means you have workers going out into the field on a regular basis.

How do you track employees outside the store? If you use paper time cards or handwritten forms you’re losing, because relying on their own memories for hours worked doesn’t really work (and hour-rounding — even by accident — is all too common).

With ExakTime’s mobile app, worker clock-ins and clock-outs are paired with their GPS coordinates, so you know when the projects were begun and completed. Workers can also send Field Notes showing you their finished work.

All time and activity data is safely and automatically stored on the cloud for review anytime.

Our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app also makes payroll a breeze (and it syncs with other payroll providers, too!).

Crew Management

Review time punches, photo ID verification and GPS tracking in real time. Receive text, audio and photo progress reports from the field.

Real-Time Updates

Maintain an agile workflow with real-time oversight and easy activity tracking for maximized productivity.

Single Service Solution

Cloud-based data collection allows for one-stop oversight and flexible, on-the-spot management and payroll syncing across the enterprise.

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