Scheduling Software

What is employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software allows you to create, edit and manage employees’ schedules in a simple calendar located in our cloud software. This means all admins with permission can easily access it—and there’s always only one version.

Why scheduling employee shifts in the cloud makes life easier

Scheduling shifts for mobile employees is easier than ever with ExakTime’s scheduling tool. Admins set up shifts and tasks for workers in our time tracking software. Shifts appear on the employee schedule within the app as soon as they’re created—no phone call needed. SMS or email alerts go out pre-shift to remind workers exactly where to go and what is expected of them.

How It Works

Time tracking & scheduling go hand in hand

Why make workers guess where to go on Day 1 of a project, and what task to perform? Why not schedule next week while reviewing how last week was spent? Set up workers’ schedules and tasks for the week to come with their hours from the last pay period right in ExakTime’s easy-to-use time tracking software—making job sites more efficient and everyone more accountable.

How scheduling software works

Create shifts for your workers or crews in our cloud-based software. Schedule by location and attach a custom cost code to each shift. Employees access their schedules on the mobile app, and you can consult the Who’s Scheduled screen to see who’s currently clocked in for a scheduled shift, a map with scheduled employees, and a list of deviations (i.e. Late, Early or No-Show).

Drag and drop with ease

Don’t reinvent the wheel by re-keying a bunch of names, hours and activities into a spreadsheet. With our Scheduling software, you just drag employees’ names straight onto your calendar. Drag additional employees to an existing shift, create recurring shifts, and print schedules by employee or location.

Employee schedules made simple

Employees will love scheduling because there’s no more panicking about where they need to be on Monday, or at the start of the next project. Their assigned shifts with location and task are right at their fingertips in our mobile app. They can even clock in right there on the shift, so they don’t have to exit the schedule or remember the jobsite name.

User-friendly reporting

Admins and managers can easily review reports showing Schedules by Location or Employee—including hours scheduled versus hours actually worked—within our wide selection of user-friendly reports.

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