ExakTime Connect Feature

Scheduling and time tracking go hand in hand.

Keep track of workers’ schedules and when they worked. Do your scheduling and time tracking together with ExakTime’s powerful and easy-to-use scheduling tool.

Why Scheduling Makes Life Easier

Your office admins or project managers shouldn’t have to create schedules in a spreadsheet or on paper before comparing them to the hours in your time tracking software.

Schedule repeat shifts for the same employee or crew with a recurring shift, or drag and drop to quickly add an employee to an existing shift.

When you’re done, print out your schedule by employees or location. With set schedules and activities, workers’ days are more defined and everyone is more productive.

Employee View

Workers can log into our cloud software or onto the ExakTime Mobile app to view their schedule with Location and Times, which are color-coded by cost code! Employees can also clock in to their scheduled shifts with a single click directly from their Schedules screen—reducing confusion and speeding up clock-ins.

How Scheduling Works

  • Create, edit or delete shifts in our cloud software’s Schedules tool
  • Edit a single instance of a recurring shift, or the whole series
  • Schedule single or multiple employees at once
  • View schedules by date range and location or employee
  • Send email and/or SMS alerts to employees or managers

Who’s Scheduled

ExakTime users can simply access the new Who’s Scheduled screen to view who’s currently clocked in for a schedule, a map with scheduled employees, and a list of deviations (i.e. Late, Early or No-Show).

Even better, the whole company shares the same schedule, and those within your View Set with access will see what you see—so there’s no concern about version control.


Admins and managers can easily review Schedules by Location or Employee—including hours scheduled versus hours actually worked—within our wide selection of user-friendly reports.

Ready to see more?

“Now I’m paying my workers for when they actually worked. We save $50,000 a year, maybe more.”

- Mike Cooper,
Cooper Drywall, Knoxville, TN

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